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Puppy Fleas

What can be done about fleas on my puppy?

There are many effective flea preparations on the market at the moment. We recommend a pour on solution eg; The Advocate, Revolution or Frontline as a lot of dogs do not like to swallow tablets. These can be purchased at any pet shop.This must be done every month so you will need to either mark it on a calender or perhaps a reminder on your computer or mobile phone. Any out of date flea rinses please throw away as this can be toxic if not fatal to your dog. If you happen to find just one flea you can be guaranteed there will be triple in the next few hours.

If you do have fleas you must treat everywhere. Wash the dog's bedding in a flea rinse like Malaban. Wash your dog with a flea shampoo  and give your dog a capstar tablet. Now flea bomb the house with Mortein whilst you start on the yard. Coopers insecticide is found at Bunnings and is made up with water and placed in a spray pump and spray your whole yard especially around the fence line where the neighbours dogs may have fleas and might want to come into your yard. This must be done every week for at least 6 weeks and hopefully you have killed off the cycle and you won't have anymore fleas but you must keep on top of it or your dog will end up with a terrible flea rash that can take ages to heal and be extremely uncomfortable for him.

FLEAS are not "just part of life". It is up to you to make sure they don't become part of your life.