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Puppy Worming

Do all puppies have worms?

Intestinal parasites are common in all puppies.

Roundworms are present in almost all newborn puppies. Puppies can become infected with parasites before they are born or later through the mother's milk. Your pup has been wormed every two weeks from the age of two weeks.

Modern de - worming preparations are safe however please use a good quality all wormer for it to be effective (Drontal allwormer or "The Advocate" pour on). These can be found in any Pet Shop. We recommend after you take your German Shepherd puppy home that you worm your puppy every two weeks until the pup is 14 weeks and then every 3 months for the rest of your pup's life. It is important that the medication is repeated since it is usually only the adult worms that are killed.

Tapeworms are the most common intestinal parasites of dogs. Puppies become infected with them when they swallow fleas; the eggs of the tapeworm live inside the flea. When the puppy chews or licks its skin as a flea bites, the flea may be swallowed. The flea is digested within the dog's intestine; the tapeworm hatches and then anchors itself to the intestinal lining. Therefore, exposure to fleas may result in a new infection; this can occur in as little as two weeks, so please keep your puppy flea free.

A worming certificate is included in your take home folder with the dates to worm your puppy, when you buy your German Shepherd  puppy from us.