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Rehoming Policy

Re-Homing your pet is not a subject people like to talk about. We do understand that sometimes things beyond our control do happen and we have to rehome our much loved and very loyal friend.There are a few ways you can do this. One is ask around your family and friends. Perhaps there is someone looking for a great dog. Then there is advertising. There are quite a few websites like,, and don't forget facebook just to name a few of them that achieve great results. Please think very hard before you advertise your pet as to the circumstances why you are wanting to rehome your dog.

I have heard most of the excuses but really 80% of the time you can work through these problems if you are willing too. Here are some of the excuses that I am mainly given and I think I have heard most of them are:


1. Haven't got time for the dog anymore; well what are you going to do with your kids?

Make time. Get out of bed half an hour earlier and spend some quality time with your dog.

Let your dog indoors with you at night and snuggle up to watch TV together.


2. My wife is having a baby? (What has that got to do with the dog) German Shepherds love children.


3. The puppy has dug up my garden; suck it up that is what puppies do. Make the puppies day more interesting and go for a walk at least once a day.


4. I am getting a divorce; so, why can't one partner move in to a house that can accomodate them and the dog. This is not the dogs fault your marriage didn't work out so please don't punish the dog.


5. I am going on a holiday - Well Australia has over 10,000 Pet friendly places you can go for your holiday and take your dog or place into boarding.


6. My neighbour has complained to the council about my dog barking. Your dog is most likely bored. Try to go for walks to the park, beaches and make your dogs life more fulfilling. Allow your dog indoors when you are home so he can be more a part of your life.

Perhaps have a friend or relative take your dog out when you are not able to or there are professional dog walkers as well.


All these issues can be sorted out with a little effort and common sense. When you purchased your puppy it was for a lifetime not for when you decided it was all "just too hard". Your dog loves you and you are it's family. Please try to make it work and one thing I will guarantee you "it will all be worthwhile" in the long run.


If after you have tried to make it work and really need to rehome your pooch here are some tips that may help:

1. Screen the potential new owners carefully. Ask alot of general questions about their lifestyle. If there is someone at home much throughout the day, will they allow your dog indoors and outdoors? Do they plan on taking your dog for walks, go to the beach etc

Do they move around alot? Do they have trouble finding landlords that will allow pets?

Where possible please go and visit their home with your dog to make sure he/she is comfortable with them. Can they afford the upkeep of a large dog? Check to make sure they actually pat and play with your dog. If they don't the chances are they are just looking for a "guard dog" and don't really care much about the dog (this is not the home for your dog)


2. Beware of brokers that will buy your dog to train up and send overseas. Generally they are looking for males under 3years.


3. Beware of people that buy for dog fighting. Yes this still goes on.


4. Beware of imposters claiming to give your dog a wonderful family home when in fact it could be tied up and sleeping on dirt.


If after you have done all of this and still can't find your dog a home we will help but you are the owner and must take responsibility and try to find a new home for your dog first.

If we do take your dog he or she must be up to date with C5 vaccination, desexed and council registration must be paid. Proof of this is required. We are not a charity so we ask, if you can afford $100 to please donate this towards your dogs food, advertising etc.