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Puppy Bathing

What age can I bath my puppy?

By the time you take your German Shepherd puppy home he would have already had his first bath. Depending on your circumstances you may wish to bath your pup weekly or fortnightly especially if he/she decides to help you dig in your garden. Always use a very mild shampoo (we recommend puppy shampoo or a natural mild shampoo whilst they are young), be sure to rinse them very well and dry them off quickly. These products can be found in our PET SHOP which is situated on our front page. When using flea washes always follow directions carefully as this can burn their skin if it is too strong and make sure it is safe for the age of the puppy. If any flea wash is out of date please throw away as this can be very toxic to your dog. Please make this a very positive experience so next time your puppy will enjoy bath time even more. Take your time and have some fun with the bath. Alot of car wash places also now have a hydro bath for your dog as well so no excuse to sleep in on Sunday mornings anymore.